MISS TEENA PARTY BOAT - Call Teena! (469) 404-6247


3-Hours:  $897.00 + Tax

4-Hours:  $1495.00 + Tax

Age Limit – Infants Toddlers Children Adults & Senior Citizens are Welcome!

All lessees are required to be a minimum of 18 years of age to enter into our legal Rental or Charter Agreements.

Watercraft drivers must be at least 18 years to drive any of our motorized boat products.  See note below.

There is no minimum or maximum age limit for non-driver passengers on any of our rental boats or party boats.

Watercraft drivers between the ages of 18-25 are required to hold a Texas Boater Safety Card as mandated by Texas Parks and Wildlife.  The card is not required of those over the age of 25.  Please review all requirements at the link below.

Submitting a reservation and failing to complete/obtain the Texas Boater Safety Card will result in forfeiture of all monies paid and cancellation of the reservation with no future rescheduling. It is your responsibility to obtain the card.

To obtain the card, complete the safety course online at: https://www.boat-ed.com/texas/


Air Pumps (Tubes)

All Ship Store locations (at each of our marinas) has an air pump to inflate tubes and rafts that you bring from home…it’s free! We also rent tubes…reserve it in advance online when making your reservation!


Yes, you are permitted to bring and drink alcohol on our boats. All customers must be at least 21 years old to consume alcohol. All lakes are monitored by Texas Game Wardens, who will stop boaters driving or acting erratically. Game Wardens also verify the ages of folks drinking/driving our watercraft.

We sell a limited supply of beer and ice at our Ship’s Store and other convenience items.


We highly suggest that you not bring balloons on board our watercraft.  Individual balloons are prohibited due to wildlife regulations.  Game Wardens constantly monitor our lake and our boats.  They will not hesitate fining YOU should any of your balloons go into the water.


Learn more about the work of our Game Wardens here.

Follow Texas Game Wardens on Facebook and Twitter.


We would love to see photos you take of wildlife while renting a boat from Sam’s Dock!  Post to our Facebook Page! Tag us @boatrentalslakegrapevine.


Balloons – Game Wardens – Fines – Regulations – Wildlife

Boater Safety Course

AGE REQUIREMENTS TO OPERATE ANY OF OUR WATERCRAFT: Drivers of our watercraft must be at least 18 years of age. 


Drivers 18-25 years-

Watercraft/boat drivers between the ages of 18-25 are required to hold a Texas Boater Safety Card as mandated by Texas Parks and Wildlife. 

Drivers 25 years-older-

If you are over the age of 25 you are not required to hold the Boater Safety Card. You are not required to hold the card if you are not driving our boats(ie party boats).

All regulations related to the card may be found at https://www.boat-ed.com/texas/ and may not be further-explained by Sam’s Dock.  If you have additional questions about the card, please contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Submitting a reservation and failing to complete/obtain the Texas Boater Safety Card will result in forfeiture of all monies paid and cancellation of the reservation with no future rescheduling.  It is your responsibility to obtain the card. 

To obtain the card, complete the safety course online at:  https://www.boat-ed.com/texas/

Cancel A Reservation

All reservations and payments received are non-refundable.

SEE:  No-Show Policy   |   Rain Check   |   Rescheduling

Capacity Of Our Boats

Everyone who boards the boat, whether a caterer, DJ, or guest must be counted as a passenger.

This is STRICTLY enforced as it’s mandated by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and US Coast Guard stability allowances. It’s not a Sam’s Dock rule, so please do not ask us to bend it as it puts everyone at risk.

Capacities of all boats are listed on our website.

LESSEE agrees that the watercraft rented will not exceed the maximum-permitted occupancy and weight limitations.

Check In Requirements

Please check in at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time for rentals (Pontoons, Tritoons, Ski Boats, Craig Cats, Silver Bullet and Waverunners).

Check in one(1) hour prior for the Tejas – all party boat charters may check in 30 minutes prior to your cruise start time.

If you require additional time, you will be charged at the normal hourly rate of the boat rented. Please advise our Reservations Center in advance as many boats are rented consecutively and might not be available for additional time.

All lessees must present a Driver’s License and the same credit or debit card used to pay for the reservation. The name on both must match.  We are sorry, but there can be no exceptions.

No boating license or training is required to drive any Sam’s Dock personal watercraft.  We provide some basic instruction as part of the check in process.  Please feel free to ask your dock hand if you have any concerns or questions!

Complaints & Compliments

What should I do if I have a complaint, or was unhappy with my experience?

  • Try to handle the situation on the day of your rental with our staff in the Ship Store, or ask to speak with a manager.
  • If something arises after the day of your rental, please email or call our Reservations Center at (469) 993-1500, reservations@samsdock.com
  • If you have a credit card payment issue, please contact our Reservations Center.
  • If you have a problem to report, or to offer a suggestion about our website, please contact our Systems Manager, Dave Kozlowski at dave@samsdock.com.

We are always happy to get feedback from our customers.  Letting us know where we can make improvements will help us to create better experiences for you and future customers.


Do you have a compliment?  You can give us review on TripAdvisor.


Complaints – Customer Service – Reviews – TripAdvisor – Compliments

Damage Charges
Orange Life Preservers 30 Wakeboard / Surf Board 500
Neoprene Life Jackets 125 Knee Board / Skis 250
Neoprene Life Jacket (Child/Youth) 80 Tube (Regular), Water Hotdog 250
Anchor 150 Tube (Large) 400
Anchor Rope 50 Waterproof Map / Registration Card 10
Whistle 20 Broken Ladder 500
Fire Extinguisher 50 Oar / Fender 50
Boat Key 250 Wakeboard / Surf Rope 150
Throw Cushion 45 Tube Rope 75
PWC Lanyard 40 Broken Ladder 500
Returned Dirty / Trash 50 Damage – Toon Dents 150
Carpet Stains – Drinks, Pets or Gum etc per sq. inch. 25 Damage – Toon Punctures / Holes 500+
Unnecessary or Negligent Retrieval 250 Broken Mirror 200
Propeller – Pontoon 250 Fiberglass Damage – Less than dime size 150
Propeller – Other Boats 500 Fiberglass Damage – Less than quarter size 250
Propeller – Craig Cat 150 Damage – PWC Rubber Bumper Rail 250.00-500.00 Repair vs. Replace
Fiberglass Damage up to 0.25 cm thick per .5 in length 100 Upholstery cut/torn 250.00+, then subject to estimate
Fiberglass Damage up to 0.50 cm thick x per .5 in length 150 All other Damage pending professional estimate 500.00 PWC / 1000.00 Boat
DAMAGE DEPOSIT: A valid credit card shall be retained and will be used to provide full compensation for facility to return said charter in as good condition as when received. Compensation includes, but is not limited to, reimbursement of articles damaged, missing or broken. I authorize Sam’s Dock to charge my credit card for these items in such case. In the alternative, or in addition to the charges to my credit card, Sam’s Dock, in its sole discretion, may demand that I pay such charges in immediately available funds such as cash or certified check. The amount available on the balance of the credit card shall in no way be considered a limitation on the amount of damages, reimbursements or rental charges owed to Sam’s Dock. I hereby acknowledge and understands that the watercraft is without damages or defects including, but not limited to, dents, scratches, tears, stains and propeller damage. An inspection of the watercraft will be conducted by both parties prior to the start of the Charter whereby any existing damage will be noted and acknowledged in writing on the inspection form. Upon return of the Charter, Sam’s Dock will conduct a final inspection. I will be held responsible and liable for the total cost of any and all damages to the Charter that were not noted during the initial inspection. Sam’s Dock has up to 48 hours after the rental & prior to being rented again to discover and inform me of damage found.
Directions – Parking

2500 Fairway Drive,
Grapevine, TX 76051

Park in the lot on the right side. Do not park on the lower level as it is reserved for marina members only!

You may temporarily (3-5 minutes only) park on the lower level to load/unload. Return to the upper level to park.

You will be towed if you remain parked on the lower level.

Cross the gangway in the center of the marina, and check in at our Ships Store.


4500 Murrell Park Road,
Flower Mound, TX 75022

From Murrell Park Road, follow signs for Twin Coves Marina.

Turn right onto Green Oaks Drive.

Follow Green Oaks Drive straight for approximately 1 mile.

A large parking area is adjacent to the marina and Rockin’ S Restaurant.

Cross the gangway, go between the restaurant and small building.  Our Ship Store is in the smaller building to the right of the restaurant.  Check in at the Ship Store.


PIER 121
1481 E. Hill Park Road,
Lewisville, TX 75057

From E. Hill Park Road, turn right at Lone Star Water Sports.  Enter the marina to the stop sign (T-junction).

You will see the marina and the Rockin’ S Restaurant directly in front of you.

Turn left and follow a short distance to the gate at the end of the road.

Turn left and park in the parking area.

Our Ship Store is on the water (far left side) as you face the gate.

Follow the sidewalk to the gangway – Check in at the Ship Store.


20400 Hackberry Creek Park Road,
Frisco, TX 75034

Sam’s Dock customers receive free entry and parking at Hidden Cove Park.

You must show a printed (or copy on your phone) email confirmation of your rental.

After leaving the guard post, proceed to the stop sign and proceed straight.

Park in this lot, walk around the building, across the gangway, to check in at our Ship Store (to the right of the Rockin’ S Restaurant).

NOTE:  All party boat guests arriving in their own vehicles must present either a printed copy or phone copy of your email confirmation in order to receive free parking.  Please be sure to forward the email confirmation to all guests, or call the park in advance to make alternate arrangements at (972) 294-1443.


1003 White Cliff Road,
Granbury, TX 76048

From the north, follow Route 377 S., crossing the Brazos River bridge in Granbury.

Take the first exit (U.S. 377 Bus South).

Turn left at the traffic light onto S. Morgan Street (Rt. 144).

In one block, turn left (just prior to the McDonald’s) onto White Cliff Road.

Make the first left (also White Cliff Road).

Follow until you see the marina and parking area.  The Ship Store entrance is adjacent (to the right) to the new Rockin’ S waterfront bar and grill.

Docking Boats Together

We have only one boat offering electricity. The Tejas Event Boat has electrical outlets, and full electric kitchen and sound system.

Many of our other boats and watercraft off ports where you can plug in an AUX cord from your phone to play music over the sound systems. We sell AUX cords in our Ship Stores.  They periodically sell out, so to be sure you can play music during your rental, please bring your own AUX cord(s).

For our Party Boats other than the Tejas, we rent generators offering two(2) outlets for use by caterers and DJs.  We have two generators…they can be rented together, connected, providing 4 outlets.  These generators are Honda gas-powered, are quiet, and last easily for 3-4 hours.  Be sure to rent generators at the time of booking as they do sell out.


Feel free to hire entertainment such as a DJ or musicians for your party boat charter.

All caterers and entertainers are included in the maximum capacity count for the party boat reserved.

NOTE: The only party boat with electricity is the Tejas.

All other party boats have a port where you can use an AUX cord into our speaker system(Deluxe and Yellow Roses).

If you have hired a caterer or a DJ, many supply their own generators, and we rent them if desired(giving access to two-2- outlets per generator).

Exchanging Passengers

For guest safety (…and to avoid damage charges to your credit card), after leaving the dock, it is prohibited to return to the dock to exchange passengers.



Exchanging – Exchange – Swap – Passengers – Boats


Homemade, purchased, or catered food is permitted on all watercraft and party boats. Sam’s Dock does not provide food, beverages or ice. Our captain and crew are not permitted to cook or serve food or beverages.

Grilling (of all types, charcoal, propane, or electric) is not permitted.

Our Tejas comes equipped with a full kitchen, with full-size appliances…all of which may be used by our charter guests.  For complete details please contact our Charters/Event Manager Teena Duff by calling (844) 726-7362 Press #2 at the prompt.  Ask Teena for a tour!

Sternos are permitted to help keep food warm.

We provide one(1) 6-ft rectangular table for you to place food, snacks and beverages.  We have a limited amount of chairs on all party boats.  If you require additional tables, chairs or coolers, please feel free to bring your own.  Contact our Charter/Events Manager, Teena Duff for more details pertaining to each party boat by calling (214) 717-2335.

We rent a very-limited supply(2) of generators to use to keep food hot (crock pots etc) as there are no electrical outlets on our rental boats or party boats.  Generators provide 2-outlets, are gas-powered, quiet, and last for approximately 4 hours.  Please be sure to reserve a generator when you make your reservation!

Feel free to hire a caterer if desired…many customers do!  Note that caterers and staff will count towards the maximum capacity of your boat…keep that in mind for your guest count!  Sam’s Dock is not responsible for your loss of monies paid to vendors (ie DJ, Catering) when your charter/rental must be cancelled/postponed due to inclement weather. Please keep in mind that most vendors will charge penalties if events are cancelled within a specific number of days/hours prior to the event.  We do not issue rain checks in advance.  If you contract a vendor, and your rental/charter must be cancelled due to weather, you are fully-responsible for the penalties.  Sam’s Dock will not entertain any requests for early rain checks, or to cover penalties due to cancellations on short notice, including the day of the event.

We supply one(1) large cooler on every party boat.  It comes empty, so be sure to purchase ice (enough for the duration of your rental) and all beverages!

Game Wardens

Texas Game Wardens have the difficult job of making sure we all have a safe day on the lake.

According to their Mission Statement:  “…Texas Game Wardens serve the citizens of Texas by providing professional law enforcement, water safety, and search and rescue, while working to conserve and protect the natural resources of Texas.”

Please make their lives easier…and yours safer.  Obey all boating laws, and if stopped, please show respect to the Game Wardens.


We appreciate what they do!



Game Wardens

Gift Cards Certificates

We offer gift cards for purchase in $50.00 or $100.00 denominations.

To purchase a gift certificate on our website, simply click the lake, then the marina location from the links at the top of our homepage.

You will find a tab labeled ‘Gift Cards’ next to the ‘Rentals’ tab.


Feel free to combine multiple card denominations to create a card for the amount you desire.

You and/or your recipient will receive a confirmation via email with a gift card number.  Enter the number in the ‘Add a promo code/voucher’ box on the check out screen.


Please call our Reservations Center should you have any difficulties purchasing your gift card:  (844) 726-7362 or email reservations@samsdock.com


No grilling of any type is permitted on any of our watercraft.

Charcoal, electric, and all other types of grills are prohibited.

We rent propane gas grills on our Deluxe and Yellow Rose party boats ONLY.  Please request one when you make your reservation.


Hookahs are permitted.

Lost Items

If you discover that you forgot or lost an item while on our watercraft or party boats, please check with the Ship Store before leaving the Sam’s Dock location.

You may also contact our Reservations Center by phone, email or chat and they will contact the location for you.

Reservations Center:  (469) 993-1500, reservations@samsdock.com.  Chat with us by clicking the bubble on the lower-right side of most pages on our website ( https://samsdock.com ).


Lost Items – Lost and Found – Forgot Item

Minimum Rental Times

In general, rental boats have a two(2)-hour minimum rental, while our party boats have a three(3)-hour minimum rental.

Please refer to our price list for current minimum rental policy as well as our online booking system.


Minimum – Rental – Hours – Policy – Rentals – Party Boats – Charters

Multiple Boats

We permit the rental of multiple boats. Sam’s Dock prohibits docking of any watercraft with any of our boats, Waverunners, ski boats, party boats. This includes boats rented by us, or your own personal boats. No docking together of any kind is permitted. This is a safety concern to swimmers and guests. Any damage costs incurred by docking boats together will be immediately charged to your credit or debit card.

No-Show Policy

There are absolutely no refunds for no-shows.

Failing to appear for your rental on the date and reserved time will result in loss of all monies paid. Payments made cannot be credited towards a future rental or charter.

Online Reservation

Using our website to make a reservation is as easy as 1-2-3!


1.)  Select a boat


2.)  Click the start date of your rental on the calendar, then click Book Now.


3.)  Select the number of hours of your rental.  You will be taken to the check-out screen to enter your name, and credit card information to complete your reservation.


Having a problem?  Feel free to call our Reservations Center at (844) 726-7362 between the hours of 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, or chat with us by clicking the chat bubble on the lower-right corner of the booking screen.


Online – Reservations – Booking – Book

Pets – Dog Policy


Dogs are permitted on all boats excluding Waverunners and Craig Cats.

Damage caused by dogs and cost of lost rental days during repairs (example, torn vinyl and carpet cleaning) will be charged in full to the credit/debit card on file.

Rain Checks



Rain checks are NOT issued by our Reservations Department.
Please do not contact them to request a rain check as they are not authorized to issue one. Rain checks are issued by the Sam’s Dock location manager at the marina on the date and time of your scheduled reservation ONLY.

Rain Checks are offered at the sole discretion of Sam’s Dock. Rain Checks are offered when weather conditions are dangerous (ie High winds, lightning, tornado warnings). Sam’s Dock will not offer a rain check if conditions are merely not-ideal, such as it being overcast or light misting. Rain checks are never offered in advance.

When issued a rain check, it must be used within 365 days of purchase or it will be forfeited.

Sam’s Dock is not responsible for your loss of monies paid to vendors (ie DJ, Catering).  Please do NOT schedule any vendors who might charge a cancellation fee if your reservation is cancelled/postponed by us due to dangerous weather.

We will not entertain any requests for full or partial refunds for vendor cancellation penalties.


Reservations are non-refundable for any reason.

No changes are permitted for any reason.


NOTE:  On rare occasion, game wardens may speak with you about operating our watercraft in an unsafe manner(and possibly to leave the water altogether).  Sam’s Dock will not refund any monies for lost time.


Rental boat/watercraft reservations are non-refundable. No changes are permitted for any reason.


Please contact our Events and Charters Manager for complete details:  (469) 404-6247 Teena Duff.

The rescheduled date may be reserved during the current season only, or it will be forfeited. 


Postpone – Reschedule – Cancel – Change


Public restrooms are available at the Ship Store.

Restrooms are available on the Tejas, Deluxe, Yellow Rose, Miss Selina and Miss Teena only.

There are no restroom facilities on any other watercraft.

Slip Rentals

We offer slip rentals at our Granbury location only.

Please contact Selina at (972) 612-2317 for more information.

Smart Waivers

Waivers must be signed within 24 hours of making your reservations.

Use the link located at the bottom of your email confirmation to sign the agreement electronically.

Failure to sign the waiver will result in cancellation of your reservation and forfeiture of all monies paid.



Waivers – Policies – Rental Agreement – Terms and Conditions




Our captains and crew are trained to keep passengers safe only while on board our boats. They are not trained lifeguards and should not be regarded or looked upon as such.  You swim at your own risk at all times.

Guests must obey all commands and direction of our captains and crew at all times…such as bad weather, unruly conduct etc.

You may hire and bring your own lifeguards if desired.  They will count towards your boat’s maximum capacity of passengers.  Many school groups hire and bring their own lifeguards.

Swimming is permitted on all watercraft, boat rentals and Party Boats(except Tejas and Miss Gloria).

We rent tubes(tow rope included), skis, wakeboards, kneeboards and surfboards.  Feel free to bring your own water toys!  A free air pump is available at our Ship Stores for inflation of tubes etc.  Tubes are rented for towing only with pontoons, tritoons and ski boats.

NO SWIMMING is permitted on the Tejas Luxury Event Boat.


On boats where swimming is permitted, swimmers must exit the water at dusk(or earlier by command of the boat captain).

Tables and Chairs

We provide one(1) 6-ft rectangular table for you to place food, snacks and beverages. We have a limited amount of chairs on all party boats. If you require additional tables, chairs or coolers, please feel free to bring your own.

Tablecloths are available for rent on the Tejas.  Please add tablecloths when making reservations.


SEE: Food Alcohol


Contact our Charter/Events Manager, Teena Duff for more details pertaining to each party boat by calling (214) 717-2335.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair-bound customers are welcome on our boats!

We suggest a pre-cruise visit to our marina to see the layout of our docks, parking areas, stairs etc. Our dock hands or location manager are happy to give you a tour of the facility including width of the gates when boarding boats, access to restrooms etc.

Please keep in mind that water levels and conditions could make it impossible for your wheelchair guest to board the boat. Be sure to bring enough people to assist in lifting and loading the guest onto/off of the chair/boat.

You are responsible for your guest’s safety.

We’ll do the best we can to make your trip easy and enjoyable!

PAYMENTS: Once Sam’s Dock has accepted a signed Charter Agreement and payment is processed, there are no refunds. Once payment has been processed, a non-transferable, non-refundable reservation will be reserved in your name for the dates and times stated in your reservation confirmation email, detailing your rental choices. It is your responsibility to verify that this information is correct. A reservation is ONLY confirmed and secured after receipt of all requested payments have been made and the smartwaiver is signed.

PARTIAL PAYMENTS: The total charter amount due is required to confirm and secure a reservation. If you choose to pay a minimum down payment of half, your reservation will be confirmed until the balance is paid. The balance MUST be paid no later than 30 days prior to your reservation departure to secure your reservation. Failure to pay the balance by the due date will result in the loss of your reservation and forfeiture of your deposit.

FORMS OF PAYMENT: Acceptable forms of payment are credit cards (VISA, Discover, MasterCard and American Express), Cashier’s Check or Money Order (payable to Sam’s Dock). If reservations are made in person, cash will be accepted. Personal or Business Checks are ONLY accepted 30 days or more prior to your reservation departure. All non-profit organizations need to provide tax exemption certificate.

DAMAGE: A valid credit card number shall be retained and will be used to provide full compensation for facility to return said charter in good condition as when received. Compensation includes, but is not limited to, reimbursement of articles damaged, missing or broken or need for excessive cleanup. Excessive cleanup fee is $500 minimum. I authorize Sam’s Dock to charge my credit card for these items in such case. In the alternative, or in addition to the charges to my credit card, Sam’s Dock, in its sole discretion, may demand that I pay such charges immediately. The amount available on
the balance of the credit card shall in no way be considered a limitation on the amount of damages, reimbursements or rental charges owed to Sam’s Dock.

TRANSFER FEE: A $100 transfer fee applies to all accepted cancelled or rescheduled reservations. Transfer fees must be paid at the time of the reservation change.

CANCELLATIONS: If you must cancel your charter reservation, you must do so a minimum of 30 days prior to your reservation departure date in writing and your prepayment can be rolled forward one calendar year. A transfer fee applies to all accepted cancellations. Cancellations received less than 30 days prior to your reservation departure are subject to forfeiture of all prepayments. Due to the limited quantity of available charters (and particularly the advance coordination nature of captain and crew), there are no exceptions to the cancellation policy due to personal emergencies. *At Sam’s Dock’s sole discretion, validation may be requested and/or accepted for medical and other emergencies.

RESCHEDULES: If you must reschedule your charter reservation, you must notify us at least 30 days prior to your reservation departure date in writing and your reservation may be rescheduled ONCE, based on availability. The reschedule policy applies ONLY to the current season and will not be rolled forward to the following year.

If you must reschedule your reservation with less than 30 days notice, a transfer fee of $200 applies, charter eligibility for a future rain check is voided and the rescheduled date is based on availability.

If you must reschedule your reservation with less than 10 days notice, a transfer fee of $300 applies, charter eligibility for a future rain check is voided and the rescheduled date is based on availability.
INCLEMENT, UNSAFE WEATHER: The decision to cruise is based on safety and is not negotiable. The Captain (licensed and governed by federal and/or state law) and the General Manager have the final say whether charter boats may safely leave the marina. Inclement, unsafe weather may include, but is not limited to, heavy rains, unfavorable winds and lightning. In the event of inclement, unsafe weather, Sam’s Dock will issue a rain check. Criteria for issuing a rain check is based on National Weather Service watches, warnings and recommendations for your particular area. Rain checks are not issued simply because the weather is not ideal and they are NEVER issued in advance. (Keep this in mind when considering hiring caterers and DJs, etc)

RAIN CHECKS: Rain checks secure a prepaid reservation for a full year without penalty. Rain checks are expired unless redeemed, and used, within 365 days from the date of original charter rental reservation date. The full value of the rain check must be used upon redemption. There is no cash value of unused portion of rain check. Rain checks are NEVER issued in advance.

CHECK-IN: You must provide a current driver’s license (or passport) along with a valid, major credit card bearing your name at the time of check in to keep on file in case of damages, lost items and/or late fees. They MUST match the name on the charter rental unless otherwise approved by Teena. Agreement and a liability waiver must be signed upon arrival. Failure to provide necessary documents will forfeit your charter reservation.

RESERVED TIME, DEPARTURE / RETURN: If you fail to show for your reservation, it will be forfeited. Rental time starts and ends at the time reserved. Please check in 30 minutes prior to your reserved time to complete paperwork and orientation with your
captain and/or crew. Time lost due to late arrivals, decision to wait for guests, etc or early returns will not result in an extension of time, refund or rain check. The boat will board at the start of your reserved time and all passengers and belongings must be off the boat at the end of your reserved time. Your charter will be docked 30 minutes prior to the end of your cruise. The Tejas Event boat offers a 30 minute grace period before additional late fees are incurred. Extended stay on the party boat will result in an additional hour charge.

TICKET SALES, VENDORS & EVENT PLANNERS: Public ticket sales is strictly prohibited unless prior approval by Sam’s Dock, in writing, is obtained. If Sam’s Dock has not approved your ticketed event, your trip is subject to forfeiture upon awareness of ticket sales. There are no refunds or rain checks if trip is cancelled for breach of contract. Charters that are venues for third party events are subject to an application process for validation. Additionally, all Charters MUST be reserved by the event coordinator, either personally, or in the name of the event coordinator’s company. It is the event coordinator’s responsibility to protect the interests of his/her company with safeguards, including but not limited to, liability insurance, customer policies, terms and conditions. There are NO EXCEPTIONS and Sam’s Dock will not be held responsible to any individual third party customers.

INDIVIDUALS are also strictly prohibited from selling tickets without written approval on file. Remember, you are responsible for your guests and their behavior; it is critical that you know exactly “who” you are inviting aboard your trip. Otherwise, one of your guests could very likely end your trip prematurely. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

TEJAS LUXURY EVENT BOAT: There is NO water access from the Tejas Luxury Event Boat. That means, there is NO swimming from the Tejas Luxury Event Boat at any time. It is not equipped properly, or lawfully, for swimming. An on board generator with 110
volt outlets is provided. Guest is responsible to bring any and all necessary cords needed to reach outlets.

PASSENGER CAPACITY: Each Charter Boat has a United States Coast Guard specified capacity. Everyone that boards the boat, whether a caterer, DJ, infant or any other guest must be counted as a passenger. This is STRICTLY ENFORCED as it is mandated by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and United States Coast Guard. It’s not a Sam’s Dock rule, so please do not ask us to bend it because we cannot, and will not. NO EXCEPTIONS. All double deck boats have a max capacity on the upper decks. This is a safety issue and will be enforced. Check with your captain upon arrival to verify these limits. Each boat’s capacity is the following (captain and crew not included):


BOAT              Tejas         Deluxe       Yellow Rose       Miss Teena        Miss Selina

CAPACITY       100               60                   50                      50                        40


SWIMMING CHARTER BOATS: All swimmers MUST come out of the water at sunset by law. There is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY, so you agree to swim at your own risk. We cannot force you to wear a life jacket when swimming, but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do. Our captain and crew are procedurally trained according to Texas Parks & Wildlife Department standards to keep you and your guests safe. They are not there to grill your food, or serve your guests, as this compromises safety protocol. You must obey ALL on-board, posted boat rules, or your trip is subject to forfeiture. Fishing is prohibited on all charter boats, as it requires a special license.

BEHAVIOR: While on Texas inland waters (the lake), the Captain of your vessel (charter boat) is the authoritative decision maker in all scenarios and is governed by both State and Federal law, enforced by the local Denton County or Tarrant County Game Wardens. You are agreeing to listen and obey all of their directives. All laws that apply on land, also apply on inland waters. Clogging the toilets with paper products will result in a $400 charge per incident. DO NOT throw paper products in the toilets.

Throwing items overboard will end your cruise without question or warning and the charter will return to the dock resulting in forfeiture of your cruise. IF IT IS ILLEGAL IN THE STATE OF TEXAS, IT IS ILLEGAL ON OUR BOAT. Please do not make the mistake of bringing drugs on board, as the captain and crew will immediately report it to the local authorities and your boat will return to dock where they will be waiting. Please also make sure that you have a plan for that one person who threatens to end your trip prematurely due to unacceptable behavior. Threatening the captain or crew and/or violating these policies will result in immediate forfeiture of the rest of your trip.

DJ & CATERERS: DJ’s are allowed to set up and test their equipment only on a low volume. Loud music cannot be played in the docks as this is a safety issue when launching the boat. Higher volumes of music are allowed after the boat passes the no wake zone and in the open waters. The captain will shut off the power to your equipment if you violate this rule. You agree to communicate with your DJ these rules or you will be charged a fine of $250 for each incident or complaint of loud music in the dock area.

Your catering company, yourself personally or food handlers and bartenders are required to clean up all food from sinks, counters, refrigerator and oven. Additionally, they/you are required to wipe down the full kitchen including stainless steel, walls, mirrors, bars and trash cans where there are spills. Any excessive cleanup will result in
a $500 cleaning fee. This is not limited to the Tejas and includes all party boats and parking lots where food or trash is left on the floors and walls or in the parking lot. You have an option to pre-pay for cleaning for $250 and our professional team will do this for you.

I have read and understand all guidelines and agree to the listed terms on all four pages of this agreement:

Customer Name (Printed) ___________________________________________________ Customer Name Signature ___________________________________________________ Date Signed _________________________ Reservation # __________________________ Copyright 2018 Sam’s Dock


Each boat has a specified capacity which includes caterers and entertainment.

This does not include our Captain and Crew so please do not book or bring additional guests as they will not be allowed to board. NO exceptions due to U.S. COAST GUARD.  See capacity below:

Miss Teena:  50 passengers


Depending on what you booked, all items will already be loaded on your boat. Please let the Captain know if anything is missing. Extension cords are not provided.


We provide trash bags and paper products for the restroom.  Caterers need to bring their own supplies for serving including paper towels and cleaning products, etc. We provide one ice chest and we sell ice at the ship store for $3.00 per 10-lb bag.


If you have any questions or special requests, please contact Teena directly.


Call Teena:  (469) 404-6247


Sam’s Dock at Hidden Cove Marina On Lake Lewisville

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