Damage Charges

Orange Life Preservers 30 Wakeboard / Surf Board 500
Neoprene Life Jackets 125 Knee Board / Skis 250
Neoprene Life Jacket (Child/Youth) 80 Tube (Regular), Water Hotdog 250
Anchor 150 Tube (Large) 400
Anchor Rope 50 Waterproof Map / Registration Card 10
Whistle 20 Broken Ladder 500
Fire Extinguisher 50 Oar / Fender 50
Boat Key 250 Wakeboard / Surf Rope 150
Throw Cushion 45 Tube Rope 75
PWC Lanyard 40 Broken Ladder 500
Returned Dirty / Trash 50 Damage – Toon Dents 150
Carpet Stains – Drinks, Pets or Gum etc per sq. inch. 25 Damage – Toon Punctures / Holes 500+
Unnecessary or Negligent Retrieval 250 Broken Mirror 200
Propeller – Pontoon 250 Fiberglass Damage – Less than dime size 150
Propeller – Other Boats 500 Fiberglass Damage – Less than quarter size 250
Propeller – Craig Cat 150 Damage – PWC Rubber Bumper Rail 250.00-500.00 Repair vs. Replace
Fiberglass Damage up to 0.25 cm thick per .5 in length 100 Upholstery cut/torn 250.00+, then subject to estimate
Fiberglass Damage up to 0.50 cm thick x per .5 in length 150 All other Damage pending professional estimate 500.00 PWC / 1000.00 Boat
DAMAGE DEPOSIT: A valid credit card shall be retained and will be used to provide full compensation for facility to return said charter in as good condition as when received. Compensation includes, but is not limited to, reimbursement of articles damaged, missing or broken. I authorize Sam’s Dock to charge my credit card for these items in such case. In the alternative, or in addition to the charges to my credit card, Sam’s Dock, in its sole discretion, may demand that I pay such charges in immediately available funds such as cash or certified check. The amount available on the balance of the credit card shall in no way be considered a limitation on the amount of damages, reimbursements or rental charges owed to Sam’s Dock. I hereby acknowledge and understands that the watercraft is without damages or defects including, but not limited to, dents, scratches, tears, stains and propeller damage. An inspection of the watercraft will be conducted by both parties prior to the start of the Charter whereby any existing damage will be noted and acknowledged in writing on the inspection form. Upon return of the Charter, Sam’s Dock will conduct a final inspection. I will be held responsible and liable for the total cost of any and all damages to the Charter that were not noted during the initial inspection. Sam’s Dock has up to 48 hours after the rental & prior to being rented again to discover and inform me of damage found.
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