Charter Rental Policies, Terms & Conditions Agreement


PAYMENTS: Once Sam’s Dock has accepted a signed Charter Agreement and payment is processed, there are no refunds.  Once payment has been processed, a non-transferable, non-refundable reservation will be reserved in your name for the dates and times stated in your reservation confirmation email, detailing your rental choices.  It is your responsibility to verify that this information is correct.  A reservation is ONLY confirmed and secured after receipt of all requested payments have been made.

PARTIAL PAYMENTS: The total charter amount due is required to confirm and secure a reservation.  If you choose to pay a minimum down payment of half, your reservation will be confirmed, but not secured.  The balance MUST be paid no later than 30 days prior to your reservation departure to secure your reservation.  Failure to pay the balance by the due date will result in the loss of your reservation and forfeiture of your deposit.

FORMS OF PAYMENT: Acceptable forms of payment are credit cards (VISA, Discover, MasterCard and American Express), Cashier’s Check or Money Order (payable to Sam’s Dock).  If reservations are made in person, cash will be accepted.  Personal or Business Checks are ONLY accepted 30 days or more prior to your reservation departure.  All non-profit organizations must provide an IRS certificate showing exemption status.  All payments are subject to the cancellation policy below.

DAMAGE: A valid credit card number shall be retained and will be used to provide full compensation for facility to return said charter in as good condition as when received.  Compensation includes,  but is not limited to, reimbursement of articles damaged, missing or broken or need for excessive cleanup.  I authorize Sam’s Dock to charge my credit card for these items in such case.   In the alternative, or in addition to the charges to my credit card, Sam’s Dock, in its sole discretion, may demand that I pay such charges in immediately available funds such as cash or certified check.  The amount available on the balance of the credit card shall in no way be considered a limitation on the amount of damages, reimbursements or rental charges owed to Sam’s Dock.

TRANSFER FEEA $100 transfer fee applies to all accepted cancelled or rescheduled reservations.  Transfer fees must be paid at the time of the reservation change.

CANCELLATIONS: If you must cancel your charter reservation, you must do so a minimum of 30 days prior to your reservation departure date in writing and your prepayment can be rolled forward one calendar year.  A transfer fee applies to all accepted cancellations.  Cancellations received less than 30 days prior to your reservation departure are subject to forfeiture of all prepayments.  Due to the limited quantity of available charters (and particularly the advance coordination nature of captain and crew), there are no exceptions to the cancellation policy due to personal emergencies.  *At Sam’s  Dock’s sole discretion, validation may be requested and/or accepted for medical and other emergencies.

RESCHEDULES: If you must reschedule your charter reservation, you must notify us at least 30 days prior to your reservation departure date in writing and your reservation may be rescheduled ONCE, based on availability.  The reschedule policy applies ONLY to the current season and will not be rolled forward to the following year.

If you must reschedule your reservation with less than 30 days notice, a transfer fee applies, charter eligibility for a future rain check is voided and the rescheduled date is based on availability.

If you must reschedule your reservation with less than 10 days notice, a transfer fee applies, charter eligibility for a future rain check is voided and the rescheduled date is based on availability and must be rescheduled on a weekday (Monday through Thursday)

(Rain checks are not subject to these policies; see below)

INCLEMENT, UNSAFE WEATHER: The decision to cruise is based on safety and is not negotiable.  The Captain (licensed and governed by federal and/or state law) and the General Manager have the final say whether charter boats may safely leave the marina.  Inclement,  unsafe weather may include, but is not limited to,heavy rains, unfavorable winds and lightning.  In the event of inclement, unsafe weather, Sam’s Dock will issue a rain check.  Criteria for issuing a rain check is based on United States Coast Guard guidelines, local Aviation Advisory and National Weather Service watches, warnings and recommendations for your particular area, NOT the local weather forecast.  Rain checks are not issued simply because the weather is not ideal and they are NEVER issued in advance.  (Keep this in mind when considering hiring caterers and DJs, etc)  

RAIN CHECKS: Rain checks secure a prepaid reservation for a full year without penalty.  Rain checks are expired unless redeemed, and used, within 365 days from the date of original charter rental reservation date (not date of purchase, as many are paid for weeks or months in advance).  The full value of the rain check must be used upon redemption.  There is no cash value of unused portion of rain check.  Rain checks are NEVER issued in advance.  Rain checks are not issued for partial cruises.  The option to have a charter dockside will be offered in bad weather scenarios.  By choosing to stay dockside, charter rate is reduced by 25% and a refund will be issued within 10 business days or less. A cruise of any length of time voids the dockside reduced rate.

CHECK-IN: You must provide a current driver’s license (or passport) along with a valid, major credit card bearing your name at the time of check in to keep on file in case of damages, lost items and/or late fees. They MUST match the name on the charter rental agreement and a liability waiver must be signed upon arrival.  Failure to provide necessary documents will forfeit your charter reservation.


RESERVED TIME, DEPARTURE / RETURN: If you fail to show for your reservation, it will be forfeited.  Rental time starts and ends at the time reserved.  Please check in 30 minutes prior to your reserved time to complete paperwork and orientation with your captain and/or crew.  Time lost due to late arrivals,  decision to wait for guests, etc or early returns will not result in an extension of time,  refund or rain check.  The boat will board at the start of your reserved time and all passengers and belongings must be off the boat at the end of your reserved time; there is a 15 minute grace period, otherwise additional late fees will be incurred.  The Tejas Event boat offers a 30 minute grace period before additional late fees are incurred.  (Inform your guests to arrive 30 minutes prior, but no earlier, and we will begin to board early if possible).

TICKET SALES, VENDORS & EVENT PLANNERS: Public ticket sales is strictly prohibited unless prior approval by Sam’s Dock, in writing, is obtained. If Sam’s Dock has not approved your ticketed event, your trip is subject to forfeiture upon awareness of ticket sales. There are no refunds or rain checks if trip is cancelled for breach of contract. Charters that are venues for third party events are subject to an application process for validation. Additionally, all charters MUST be reserved by the event coordinator, either personally, or in the name of the event coordinator’s company.  It is the event coordinator’s responsibility to protect the interests of his/her company with safeguards, including but not limited to, liability insurance, customer policies, terms and conditions. There are NO EXCEPTIONSand Sam’s Dock will not be held responsible to any individual third party customers.

INDIVIDUALS are also strictly prohibited from selling tickets without written approval on file.  Remember,  you are responsible for your guests and their behavior; it is critical that you know exactly “who” you are inviting aboard your trip.  Otherwise,  one of your guests could very likely end your trip prematurely.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

TEJAS LUXURY EVENT BOAT: There is NO water access from the Tejas Luxury Event Boat.  That means,  there is NO swimming from the Tejas Luxury Event Boat at any time. It is not equipped properly, or lawfully, for swimming.  An on board generator with 110 volt outlets is provided.  Guest is responsible to bring any and all necessary cords needed to reach outlets.

PASSENGER CAPACITY: Each Charter Boat has a United States Coast Guard specified capacity.  Everyone that boards the boat, whether a caterer, DJ, infant or any other guest must be counted as a passenger. This is STRICTLY ENFORCED as it is mandated by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and United States Coast Guard. It’s not a Sam’s Dock rule, so please do not ask us to bend it because we cannot, and will not.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Each boat’s capacity, (captain and crew not included) is the following:

BOAT  Tejas Deluxe Yellow Rose  Miss Teena  Miss Selina 
CAPACITY  100 60 50 50 34


SWIMMING CHARTER BOATS: All swimmers MUST come out of the water at sunset by law.  There is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY, so you agree to swim at your own risk.  We cannot force you to wear a life jacket when swimming, but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do.  Our captain and crew are procedurally

trained  according to Texas Parks & Wildlife Department standards to keep you and your guests safe.  They are not there to grill your food, or serve your guests, as this compromises safety protocol.  You must obey ALL on-board, posted boat rules, or your trip is subject to forfeiture.  Fishing is prohibited on all charter boats, as it requires a special license.

BEHAVIOR: While on Texas inland waters (the lake), the Captain of your vessel (charter boat) is the authoritative decision maker in all scenarios and is governed by both State and Federal law, enforced by the local Denton County or Tarrant County Game Wardens.  You will listen to and obey all of their directives.  All laws that apply on land, also apply on inland waters.  IF IT IS ILLEGAL IN THE STATE OF TEXAS, IT IS ILLEGAL ON OUR BOAT.  Please do not make the mistake of bringing drugs on board, as the captain and crew will immediately report it to the local authorities and your boat will return to dock where they will be waiting.  Please also make sure that you have a plan for that one person who threatens to end your trip prematurely due to unacceptable behavior.  Threatening the captain or crew and/or violating these policies will result in immediate forfeiture of the rest of your trip.

I have read and understand all guidelines and agree to the listed terms on all four pages of this agreement:

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